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About VARceti

VARceti Limited has been created to develop a range of innovative and valuable training tools for technical infrastructures, within critical environments. The founders of the company, Benjamin Peters, Martin Menzel and Greg Sherry, are all actively involved in the technology industry, in differing capacities, but have seen an opportunity to combine their varied skillsets to fill a gap in the training market.

Between the three founders, they have over 65 years of experience working in many areas of the technology business, and this experience has led them to the realisation that as the reliance of technology grows, so does the need for quality, relevant and affordable training. This is even more significant when referring to critical environments.

The main component of the training products is the introduction of Virtual and Augmented Reality (VAR) into the teaching environment. This will enable a lifelike learning experience without creating risk to the student, or the critical environment.

The initial product offering, AVROS DC, is aimed at the Data centre industry as this represents one of the fastest growing sectors in the world of Technology and is being driven by the explosion of Cloud computing, Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT).

AVROS DC has been created specifically to provide a training tool to enable engineers and technicians, operating in this critical environment, to be exposed to many ‘real life’ scenarios that will prepare them for responding to incidents, without putting the infrastructure at risk in the process.

Currently no training service exists in this market like AVROS DC, specifically designed to meet the requirements of the mission critical environment and is akin to providing a flight simulator for Data Centres.

Our Products

VARceti (Virtual & Augmented Reality (for) Critical Environment Technical Infrastructure) has created the AVROS platform which allows for the virtual reconstruction of real facilities and their infrastructure, with the aim to allow people to explore and control the facilities remotely.

The key aspects of the solution are the ability to quickly enter facilities for maintenance, as well as to save cost in the education of new employees, as production sites do not need to be shut down for training.

The platform makes use of cloud API technology Azure to allow for safe data access and quick on demand scalability. It employs cutting edge VR hardware for the record and construction of sites, as well as for the interaction in their virtual representation.

By augmenting the VR environment with real data, we are able to provide real time information about all aspects of the critical environment.

It is possible to add information for all critical components such as CRAC units, UPS, PDU and Generators as well as all IT components and cabling infrastructure. This information can include wiring diagrams, exploded drawings, connectivity schematics and ownership or maintenance contact details.

In addition, virtual fault scenarios can be designed to test understanding and skills, without putting the facility at risk.

The quality and effectiveness of the product, as with any software, will be dependent upon the quality and accuracy of the input data, and therefore a comprehensive audit of the existing or planned infrastructure should be conducted prior to implementation.

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